MobileVoip Android Version 3

MobileVoip  Android Version 3

MobileVoip is a free mobile voip download apk for jailbroken iPhone, Symbian and Android phones that allows national and   inddfusing your phone directly from an Internet connection (3G, WiFi, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS).

Through this application you can select any contact in your address book and then start using MobileVoip under any available internet connection. The application is compatible with various VoIP providers and VoIP services. Of course, before using the application, make sure to register an account with MobileVoip.

esired calling country falls in the free list of the voip provider you have chosen.

7) Now start making free calls to your near and dear ones.

8 ) If your voip provider isn’t providing free calls to your desired country, you can always purchase small credit and start making calls to them.

9) One other way is to tell them to install MobileVoip on their phones as well. And also the same voip provider you have chosen to make calls. This way you both can make free calls to each other with the help of WiFi or 3G connection from your mobile phones.

– An .apk link can be open on your Android enabled phone.


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