Windows 8 Developer Preview Free Download English, 64-bit

Steps of Installing Windows 8 using Burning of Windows 8 ISO file

It is public that Windows 8 OS will be next Microsoft's operating system which is cod named by the Microsoft Windows as Windows 8. It will going to support ARM microprocessors that offers traditional x86 microprocessors system which is supportive for both Intel and AMD processors. As far as user interface of the Windows 8 OS is concerned then it is changed to much suitable way of offering touch screen devices in additional to mouse and keyboard input. You can download Windows 8 developer preview as it is available for download for everyone. If you are willing to experience Windows 8 environment then you must give a free trail to check out the direct links for downloading ISO files for Windows 8 developer preview. It also offers Windows developers tools and metro style applications for Windows lovers.

Windows 8 developer preview ISO file with English developer tools offers 64-bit(x64) , Windows software development kit for metro style apps, Microsoft visual studio 11 express, Windows expression blend 5 and 30 metro style apps. It is Windows 8 ISO file through the help of which you can install Windows 8 developer preview and metro style apps in a 64 bit PC.


System requirements for installing Windows 8 developer preview in PC

In order to run Windows 8 developer preview, you need to install Windows 8 developer preview in your system. Firstly, check out for Windows 8 ISO file because it allows you to burn the complete Windows 8 setup to external storage device. Here are the system requirements of Windows 8 developer preview which is given below-

  • 1 Gigahertz or faster 32-bit or 64 bit processor version which allows you to send either 32 bit or 64 bit data transfer parallel with clock pulse.
  • Windows 8 developer preview requires 1 Gigabytes of RAM for 32 bit version and 64 Gigabytes of RAM for 64 bit version.
  • As far as hard disk storage of PC is concerned then PC must have 16 Gigabytes hard disk space for 32 bit version and must have 20 Gigabytes space for 64 bit version.
  • Windows 8 developer graphics interface requires DirectX 9 graphics with WDD 1.0 or higher driver. Other than that you must have touch screen for enjoying multi-touch functionality of Windows 8 developer preview.


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